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Leadership & Strategy


Budget Forecasting Accuracy

Surpassing industry standards, we've elevated precision in financial projections for a $70M/yr program, delivering a 300% increase in accuracy and safeguarding resources.

We forge lasting relationships with leaders and teams to foster success that’s built to prosper.

Leveraging our proven expertise in driving digital transformations and managing high-value programs, we empower organizations to redefine their strategic objectives and operational execution. Our approach unifies decision science with modern digital strategies, ensuring leadership, service, and excellence remain at the core of organizational growth and transformation.
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Reduction in data collection time

Achieved through customized automation solutions and enhanced organizational process efficiencies.

Tradtek™ Crafts Custom, Integrated, and Results-Oriented Technical Solutions.

Our legacy in spearheading transformative software projects and formulating digital strategies enables us to propel innovation that meets the distinctive demands of the defense, technology, and public sectors. Embracing an action research/learning approach, we prioritize stakeholder engagement, thereby nurturing a collaborative landscape for groundbreaking technological progress.
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Average Return on Investment

Enabled by our tailored Enterprise Resource Planning and Content Management Systems.

Cultivating Research-Driven Innovations for Tomorrow's Challenges

Our R&D leadership transcends traditional development, embracing inventive designs that enhance enterprise data management and decision-making. By converting intricate challenges into dependable, actionable strategies, we set the stage for substantial organizational growth and distinguished achievement.
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“As a management consultant, Josh continues to deliver high-impact solutions to our most vexing problems while bridging the gap between our C-Suite, software development, and strategic communication teams, as well an array of clients and partners.”
Senior Technology Leader
Prior Government Executive
"Thank you... your recommendations to improve the community were well received. Job well done!”

"Your tremendous initiative and perceptual skills were essential to the successful outcome."
3-Star and 2-Star Generals
United States Air Force
“Absolutely amazing... Josh is vigilant in what he does and his attention to detail is impeccable.”

"Incredible leader and mentor."
Commanders and Senior Staff
Commenting on Program Management Improvements
"High energy, extremely organized, personable, and creative, solution-oriented director. Leigh gets the job done!”
Senior Non-Profit and Healthcare Executive
Commenting on Management of Osteopathic Foundation
"In my consulting journey with over 20 notable companies, including industry leaders like Raytheon, Thomson-Reuters, and Dell, I've collaborated with various professionals. Josh's ability to navigate complex projects and consistently deliver outstanding results is truly remarkable. His commitment to client satisfaction and his unmatched professionalism in the face of diverse challenges exemplifies a caliber of excellence that is rare to find. With Josh on the team, I'm confident that expectations won't just be met – they'll be surpassed”
Executive Consultant | Senior Full-Stack Developer
Industry Experience Includes: Dallas County, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Wildlife Federation, Defense Media Activities, Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), and Mississippi DPS